The Importance Of Exercise For A Black German Shepherd

Like all dogs, black german shepherds need their exercise in order to grow big and strong. Owners can help their pets achieve this by giving them a lot of opportunities to do so around the house. It is best to take them outside where they are free to move. Inside the house, they could break a lot of things which will be expensive to repair or replace.

The ideal scenario is that the owners have a large backyard where the black german shepherd can play in relatively safety. Make it fun for them as well as for yourself. Throw an object far away such as a Frisbee or a bone and let it retrieve this. Once it brings back the object to you, then you can give it a treat as thanks. This reward will make it more likely to follow your commands.

Even if you don’t have a big yard, you can always take the german shepherd dog to the nearby park where there are plenty of open spaces. You can also take it with you on walks around the neighborhood. After all, exercise doesn’t have to be high octane all the time. Let it enjoy the surroundings and say hello to the other dogs in the vicinity.