Oh No: Not That Jingle-Jangle Of Dog Tags!

Attaining identification is necessary in order to assure puppy is well-protected.  There are barriers which are, specially made, in order to keep hanging forms of identification from making a great deal of noise.

Regardless, all dogs, must have custom dog tags. Consider the following:  puppies, in a certain state, after a tornado, and without dog id tags, were found wandering about, after the devastation.  If they had had the proper contact information, on them, in way of identification, then it would have been easy enough for authorities to put the pup together with its rightful owner.  A good reason, then, in attaining proper identification, is when devastating events occur, puppy has more of a chance of being reunited with his pet parent. Persons who consider the need, of id tags for dogs, are on the road to making the right decision.

Another way to keep puppy safe is to have him micro-chipped.  This procedure is fairly simple. A micro-chip is placed, by way of an injection, underneath the skin of the puppy.  It takes very little time.  Once the pup is micro-chipped, a scanner is run across the area where the micro-chip is placed.  All of the contact information comes up on the scanner.

It is highly recommended that a tag, with the name of the company and phone number, that placed the micro-chip, on the pup, is located on the dog’s collar.  This is just another way that the wayward animal is returned to his or her rightful owner. Persons, who are even tempted, to keep the dog, will experience “pangs of guilt,” when noticing the micro-chip tag and another tag, providing all of the pup’s owner’s current contact info.  The information to provide is that of phone number, address, and dog’s name.  However, if an address seems far too personal, at the very minimum, a phone number is advised.

And, for persons who greatly do not like hearing the jingle jangle of tags, the information can be made available on a tag; sewn onto the pup’s collar.  Regardless, it is best to hear the jingle jangle of tags, knowing the phone is bound to jingle jangle later, if puppy becomes a statistic of the canine “lost and then favorably found.”