Looking For A Harness For Dogs?

Thinking of buying a harness for dogs to use on your pet? If so, there are a few things you should know. With the wide selection of harness styles available today, you can find one that benefits both you and your dog. Since every dog is unique in its own way, you should learn more about the best dog harnesses before choosing.

The best dog harness for your pet is one that can be used in various situations and is useful for training and a means of providing them with a better sense of comfort and security. Harnesses are an excellent means of dealing with dogs that pull, have respiratory disease or issues with their throat since they do not put pressure on the delicate tissue of the throat. This is particularly critical for breeds that are more likely to have issues with that.

When searching for the perfect harness for your dog, you may want to consider a leather dog harness for its strength. Of course, if you are looking for a small dog harness that might not be necessary since smaller dogs are unlikely to break one made from cloth.

Here are some of the styles from which you will be choosing.

The back-clip harness is one that clips onto a ring on the dog’s back making it less prone to tangle around your dog’s legs and feet.

The front-clip harness attaches under the dog’s chest where it is easier to control its movements for training purposes.

The tightening harness is often used for dogs that have already learned to walk on a leash, but just need a little reminding how it is done now and then. The tightening action applies a little uncomfortable pressure when the dog starts pulling.

Tips For Proper Fitting

Take measurements of your pet’s weight, neck and chest to find the right size. The harnesses you look at will have the sizes right on the labels to help you choose one that fits your dog. For dogs that are difficult to fit, a harness with a number of adjustment points will allow you to get the fit you need. Use the two finger rule when adjusting the harness to ensure that your pet is comfortable when wearing it.