Finding The Best Dog Food Is A Matter Of Reading The Ingredients:

Finding the best in healthy dog food—is tricky business.  The smart pet owner looks for the best food for dogs in order to assure his or her four-legged canine receives the proper nourishment.  The key to finding good dog food is to read the label.  The top dog food always is full of protein—healthy meat.  It contains no harmful by-products.  The top dog foods assure the owner that the lifespan of the dog is lengthened, and that he or she maintains high levels of energy; and that his or her coat is well-conditioned.  The text which follows provides tips in locating the proper food for the dog’s diet.

The best dog foods provide plenty of protein–as reasoned within the preceding text.   What does this mean? 

A proper dog’s diet has animal protein listed at the top portion of the ingredients listing.  The ingredients are listed by weight.  The first ingredient must be in the form of some type of animal protein such as beef, lamb or chicken.  The protein must originate from an animal.  The word meal is used along with the type of meat.  In example, chicken meal is correct—meat meal, though, is not specific enough.  The conclusion then is to attain dog-food that is comprised of a precise type of animal meal.

Another factor is that when a fresh meat is in first place on the list of ingredients, another source of animal protein should be listed in the top three ingredients.  Since meat is comprised of a great deal of water—prior to its being processed dry; much is lost, during the manufacturing process—pertinent to water loss.  In order to make certain, puppy receives the most in protein:  a form of animal meal is necessary along with the ingredient of meat.

Animal meal contains bone, skin and connective tissue.  Meat, in and of itself is mostly comprised of water.  When the drying process occurs, much is lost in the way of water.  Sixty-five to seventy percent of meat–alone–is water.  The result is that only fifteen to twenty-five percent of meat, remains, in the form of a protein source.

The animal meal is needed, as supplementation, since it is comprised of connective tissue, bone and skin and only contains, in comparison to frozen meat or fresh meat—only ten percent water.

Think then of “Animal Meal” as a primary ingredient offered within the list, in the top three of ingredients.  Yes:  a Meat is okay too—however, it is best that it is supplemented with an animal meal—in order that puppy receives, the highest, as to quality levels of protein.  In example, if chicken meat is showing, at the top of the list, beef meal or some other form of animal meal is listed, accordingly, within the top three ingredients.

Other ingredients found on the list must include healthy vegetables; and other nutrition-rich types of foods.  It is further suggested that avoidance of by-products remain the rule of the smart pet-owner.