Be Coll And Play With A Black German Shepherd

Black, big, fast and friendly, these are the traits that a black german shepherd has. Most people are often intimidated by black german shepherds because of their color and size. On the contrary, a german shepherd dog is one of the most gentle and well-mannered breeds of the canine clan. So if you see one running in the park, down the street or in the malls sniffing and assisting the security personnel, do not be shy to give it a pat.

They do not have tantrums when they are being taught new tricks or commands to obey. They like kids and enjoy playing with youngsters and oldies alike. They are the best companions for the loners and those who want added protection and security. They love to socialize, play and run. Meeting new faces makes them happy although their size and strength might knock some kids over gently, with no intention of harming.

If there is a breed of big dogs that possesses intelligence, physical strength and a pleasing personality, the black german shepherd would easily come to mind. The exceptional traits that german shepherds have trigger individuals to have one as a pet, as a guard and as a most loyal companion. Owning a GSD is equal to having a friend and a shield all rolled up in shiny fur.