Want To Know About Black German Shepherd?

A German shepherd dog, known by many other names including Alsatian and Schaferhund, is a household name around the world. Even if people do not own one, they can easily identify a black German shepherd when they see it. It is a favourite of children and trustworthy of adults. It can play, protect and entertain you whenever the need be. However, you have to make sure its training goes right, without which, it is just another wild animal.

Well-trained black German shepherds are great for a pet or a guard. They are used by police, bomb squads, forensics, field workers, and many other professionals who want an animal with strong sniffing ability. You may be surprised to know that it is a cross breed and came into existence only in the last decade of the nineteenth century in Germany. It was a joint effort by several producers as they wanted a perfect shepherd dog for those days. Today, it has come a long way and is quite popular in all strata of the society.

A few facts about Black German Shepherds!
A German Shepherd Dog is not necessarily black in colour. Though a black coat is quite popular and in demand, its other variations include those with shades of blue, liver, sable and brown. They are full of energy and this makes them active. A Black German Shepherd would need regular aerobic activities including running, and walking. They are good swimmers as well. If you want them to behave well with other pets and small children, you should take them for walk and allow enough space for playing around. It has been noticed that if kept indoors without much activity, these dogs turn unfriendly toward every other thing or person. Training in the early stages is a very important part of making them comfortable in human presence. You can consult an expert regarding this aspect. Since you are going to live with them for about 13 years (dog’s life span), it is imperative that it gets proper training. There is no scope of ‘hit and trial’ approach here. If the dog misses something in its early stages, it would be very difficult to train it in the later part of its life.

A fully grown Black German Shepherd is generally about 24 inches in height, give or take 2 inches for male and females. Alsatian is a British name for the German dog. This name was give to the breed because Britain and Germany fought against each other through their allies during the First World War. And it was around that time that this dog became popular around the world. In the present days, in terms of ranking among the most popular dogs, German Shepherd Dog comes among top three in the USA and among top five in the UK.

Black German Shepherds are quite docile as they have consistently shown an inclination to learn and adjust in the environment they live in. What sets them apart from other dog breed and otherwise very useful is their alertness. They can notice the slightest of change, smell and movement around them.